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  • What is a screen door?

    Screen door is installed on the door, used to keep flies and insects fly in and keep indoor ventilation door products; screen door is developed on the basis of the screen window, but compared to the screen window, screen door in the production process need to consider more factors. The compositio...
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  • Is the trackless invisible screen door good or not?

    Track screen door is a kind of [screen door], full name “tank chain organ folding removable invisible screen door without bottom track”. The main role of the trackless screen door “home life open the door to ventilate and prevent mosquitoes”. People like the 5 main feature...
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  • Common types of window screens

    1. Fixed screen Fixed screen is the oldest screen, installed and fixed, strong and durable. Although the look is outdated, but cost-effective, frugal elderly people are still using. But fixed screens, bulky and inflexible, open and close the window is really inconvenient, winter do not need to re...
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  • Types of window screens

    There are basically 2 types of sashes, decorative sashes and functional sashes! If you only need to increase the aesthetics, you can choose decorative yarn, which usually has pure white yarn, patterned yarn, etc. If there is a need for shading and heat insulation, fire and flame retardant, light ...
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  • Invisible screens “invisible” screens

    Invisible screens “invisible” screens

    Regular screens are still a bit of a nuisance when not in use, can you make them disappear on their own? The answer is yes. Invisible screen is a kind of screen that can be collected into the screen box by curling, when using, you only need to pull out the curled screen like a roll of paper. Howe...
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  • How to choose the screen mesh for windows?

    Summer mosquitoes are particularly large, the window is easy to open a body full of mosquito bags, hands and feet are scratching broken mosquito bags of red scabs, and finally can not stand to all the windows at home are installed on the screen window, but the effect is not great. Screen in the e...
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  • Notes on rolled mesh screens

    The invisible screen is a screen that can automatically rewind. It is mainly used for ventilation and mosquito prevention. The frame is attached to the window frame, and the screen is pulled down when you want to use it, and when you don’t use it, the screen will automatically roll back int...
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  • Anti-mosquito screen door is invisible roller shutter good or folding organ type good to use?

    There are many kinds of screen doors on the market, the more common ones are invisible screen doors, folding screen doors, flush screen doors, diamond mesh screen doors, etc. This news mainly explains the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of hidden screen doors. The invisible screen door ...
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  • Advantages of invisible screens

    1. Beautiful appearance and rigorous structure.The invisible screen window is made of fiberglass mesh, the frame material is aluminum alloy, and the rest of the connecting accessories are all made of PVC. They are assembled separately, which solves the problem of too large a gap between the tradi...
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  • Introduction to Invisible Screens

    Invisible screens are screens with screens that can be automatically rolled back. Mainly used for ventilation and mosquito control. The frame is attached to the window frame, the gauze is pulled down when it is used, and the gauze will be automatically rolled back into the net box when not in use...
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  • Invisible screen

      The invisible screen includes a screen and a screen winding mechanism composed of a main pipe, a spring box, a shaft support, an inner shaft and an end seat. When the glass window is pushed open, the gauze spreads out with the glass window and blocks the open part. When the glass window i...
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  • Scope of application of invisible screens

      Everyone knows the benefits of invisible screens, but few people know that, it does not mean that invisible screens are suitable for all types of windows. The most suitable is the best, which is the unchanging principle of screen window purchase. Therefore, in some cases, people should av...
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